Friday, March 23, 2012

Space Gremlins (Little Green Men)

"So until we all confess
And admit we stole the candy
These little men are playing games
From here to eternity
But I'll be sitting by myself here
Waiting oh so patiently
Waiting for the sky to fall
And purge frail humanity."
-Project 86, Little Green Men
Also known as "Little Green Men," these irritating little aliens have been a source of considerable anxiety for cultures across the known galaxy. They appear, seemingly at random, and without warning. Most times these creatures are merely irritating observers, but other times they seem focused on bedeviling others with their continuous commentary and their sense of humor.
Gremlins measure around 2ft tall, have small torsos; long, frayed limbs; and spherical, bald heads. They have six fingers on each hand, and typically wear boots and trousers. They consider the human race inferior and are both interested and amused by human behavior. As they reproduce asexually, they are particularly repulsed and fascinated by human mating habits, which they will often comment upon at inappropriate tames and at great volume. On rare occasion, Space Gremlins are helpful to others offering advise or other aid, but the recipients of such "help" are rarely overjoyed during the process.
Intelligence 3d6+2 (18 max), Physique 3d6-2 (3 min)
AC 10, HD 1d4 (2 hp), THB +0, ATT 1d3 or by weapon (see below), ST 13+, MV 3, SPC Dark Vision, Clairvoyance, XP 25
Clairvoyance: Space Gremlins are all considered to be psychic as per the rules found on page 32 and 33 of the X-Plorers rulebook. All members of this species possess the powers of Clairvoyance, even if they lack the prerequisites.

Space Gremlin Equipment
Space Gremlins use a variety of gadgets particular to their kind. These devices only work for Space Gremlins and psychic beings, using the characters psychic skill to activate). Here are a few favorites:
Anti-Gravity Belt (600cr*): This device allows the Gremlin to float as though weightless. While wearing such a belt the Gremlin can fly at MV 8, and can carry 2x its normal weight allowance.
Psychic Lash (1,200 cr*): This nasty weapon emits a blast of head splitting psionic energy as the Mind Blast Telepathy power. The device itself looks like a crystal or gem mounted on a wand or staff.
Flying Saucer (30-60 million credits*): These Class 1 or Class 2 ships resemble classic flying saucers and operate the same as human built ships of the same class. The only difference is that these vessels are completely invisible to all forms of detection other than sight, sound and psychic powers. Flying Saucers only work for Space Gremlins or Psychics.
*Only available from and for Space Gremlins.

Space gremlins are a pain in the butt, and should be played up as such. Still they are rarely outright malevolent and have been known to befriend small children (who share their sense of humor). Most encounters with Space Gremlins will be as Astral Projections, as these creatures know that other races would happily kill them for their commentary alone.
They will often show up seemingly at random, playing jokes and tattling on others. Sometimes they act as teachers, instructing those they deem "wayward" in the proper course of action.
As Symbiotic Entities: Occasionally a Space Gremlin will become "detached" from his or her body while using its Claivoyance power Projection, effectively becoming stuck in that disembodied state. As per the psychic rules on page 33, Gremlins make for excellent symbiotic entities. Such symbiotic gremlins are happy to have found a new home, but can be difficult room-mates.

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