Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zephys Class Survey Ship

The Olympus Mining Industries (OMI) has a large fleet of ships, but none are sent as far afield as the Zephy Class Survey Ship. This Class 2 ship is designed to carry a small crew into distant systems to continue the Olympus Mining Corporation's never-ending quest for valuable ores.
Make: Buckley Astronautics Shipyards on Deimos.
Length: 18 meters
Width: 9.5 meters
Height: 3 meters
Ship Class: 2
Type: Scout
Crew: 2-7, cockpit capacity: 3
Hull Points: 10
Weapons: Laser Cannon (1d6)
AC: 10
NPC Skill: 15/13/11+
XP Value: 60
Cost (in millions): 30cr

Equipment: The ships lab is equipped with the equivalent of a Scientific Kit, Survey Kit and Medical Kit. The Engineering section is equipped with the equivalent of a Mechanics kit. Furthermore, all ships come equipped with the following;
Base Camp Kit: As those found on page 11 of the X-Plorers rulebook.
Environmental Suits: All ships come with four E-Suits.
Ground Buggy: As a ground car (X-Plorers page 12), but built for heavy use in exploration. Each ground buggy has six tough wheels and a bed that can carry 2 tons of cargo. The driver cab is not pressurized, so pilots and passengers must wear environment suits on planets without breathable air. The Ground Buggy is housed in the ulk Storage compartment.
Manna Farm, Basic: This is a small unit designed to maintain and cultivate a small amount of Manna for an unlimited period of time as long as it is supplied with power and filtered water. This farm can produce enough food paste for up to seven grown men, or enough spacers gruel for two every day. This is normally unflavored.

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